تَحَمَّلَ \ abide: to bear: I can’t abide that smell. bear, (bore, borne): to support: This ice will not bear your weight, (usu. with can) to suffer without complaining (sth. that hurts or displeases) I can’t bear that woman. He bore the pain bravely. carry: to support: This bridge will not carry the weight of a bus. endure: to bear (pain, trouble, etc.): Stop that noise! I can’t endure it any longer. hold out: to last: Do you think this old car will hold out until we reach London? The town was surrounded but the people held out till help came. put up with: to bear without complaining: If you live near an airport, you have to put up with the noise. stand: to bear; suffer without complaint: How can you stand that noise? I can’t stand that man! (I dislike him very much), (of things; also stand up) to suffer without becoming worn or broken, etc. A leather football will stand (up to) a lot of kicking. support: to bear the weight of; hold up: A table is supported by its legs. That branch will not support your weight. tolerate: to bear; accept without complaint: I can’t tolerate heat. He can’t tolerate badly cooked food. wear: (of material) to last; not be damaged by use: Leather bags wear better than plastic ones. withstand: to bear (weight, pressure, an attack, etc.) without weakening. \ See Also أطاق (أَطاقَ)، عانى (عَانى)، صمد (صَمَدَ)، صبر على (صَبَرَ على)، دام (دَامَ)، قاوم (قاوَم)‏

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